unexpected async reply


 Having problem with ... I dont know

I have main application in gnome (a window only with 3 buttons and menu)
and from menu I show 4 windows with images. Images are updated in
pthreads (it means each thread reads from different socket an image, and
save it in Pixbuf, also rescale it to the size of window and then the 
gtk_widget_queue_draw(src->drawable) ;  is invoked - so the
on_expose_callback draws this image in drawingarea. It works fine - but
if I have only 2 images showed. In each thread I sleep at least 200ms. 
I have put mutex around scaling by thread the image and mutex in expose
where the scaled image is repainted. 

If I have 4 images I have after while (10 sek) an error like:

Xlib: unexpected async reply (sequence 0x2741)!


Xlib: unexpected async reply (sequence 0x418d)!

... just the number change.

Do you know what I do wrong or can you tell me how I can debug program 
so I can see easly where can be problem. (as for now I use g_print
method but it is not enough I see :( )

Before the error I have noticed that sometimes is a blink in one of
those images or for example half of image appears in second one (just
for a moment). Then it crashes. 


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