newbie make/install problem

Hello, all.

I am brand-spanking new to Linux, so take it easy on
me.  I couldn't find an GTK RPM for Mandrake 9.2, so
here I am building gtk 2.3.4.

After I run ./configure, I kick off 'make'.  It tries
to execute this script:


but spits out a 'file not found' error.  I checked and
the file is indeed there, but it looks to me like the
'..' shouldn't be there.  

So, I manually removed the $(top_builddir) macro from
appropriate places in 'Makefile'.  Didn't help,

Does './configure' create 'Makefile'?
Perhaps I should punt and try a different version?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

--Erik Ostermueller

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