Re: Writing science application to visualisate physical process. Need help.


Now I've got moving rectangular! But some comments are still nessesary.

В сообщении от 20 Июнь 2004 22:57 вы написали:
> If you want to use static images and want to move them, look at the
> gdk-pixbuf API. For an examples see the gtk+ source (demos/gtk-demo).
> GtkImage should be used for static images, GtkDrawingArea for dynamic ones
> (like your movie).

So drawing area is my choice. I really need some dynamics.

> gboolean my_idle( gpointer data )
> {
>   if( pixmap == NULL )
>      return TRUE;
> //  Your drawing here
>   gtk_widget_queue_draw_area(...);
>   return TRUE;
> }
> void main(...)
> {
>   ...
>   g_idle_add( my_idle );
>   gtk_main();
> }

Well. I understand. But is the return value of my_idle function the only 
mechanism to stop calling it? Can I set some timer to call idle function one 
time per call_period?

> P.S. In your code it may be enought to add
>   while (gtk_events_pending ())
>           gtk_main_iteration ();
> after the gtk_widget_queue_draw_area, so Gtk+ can process the drawing
> request - that's just a guess

Yes this works. Thank you very much! This really helped. For now I can 
program, but Are there better ways to do such drawings?

Just to understand what I am doing: The gdk_draw function used instead of 
gtk_* because the drawing area is the X window. And so we need some X lib 
functions (gdk wrapers) to draw on it. Am I right?

Thank you in advance,

P.S. Is this mailing list the right place for questions about gtk+ 
programming, or there are better lists to ask? Sorry If I was wrong.

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