Re: Compile of gtk243 on cygwin fails at configure

Guy Stalnaker <jstalnak wisc edu> writes:

> Odd situation here.  Running cygwin 1.5x.  Pango compiles and installs
> successfully.  atk compiles and installs successfully.  glib compiles
> and installs successfully.  I used --prefix=/usr for all of them.
> gtk+ fails on the configure pass however with an error:
> <quote>
> configure:29908: error:
> *** Cannot link to Accessibility Toolkit.  Accessibility Toolkit is required
> *** to build GTK+
> </quote>
> And /usr/lib shows:
> <partial quote>
> libatk-1.0.1
> </partial quote>
> /usr/include/atk-1.0/atk exists and has the requisite .h files in it.

Do you have a /bin/cygatk-1.0.dll?  If not, you only have the link
library installed.  I found this when building--you'll need to
libtoolize with a recent libtool and rebuild all the autotools stuff.
You might also need to add -no-undefined to the library _LDFLAGS or
else the DLL won't get built.  You'll see warnings when building the
library if this is the case.

Roger Leigh

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