Re: Trouble Installing Pango

> > While trying to install pango 1.5.1 near the (seemingly) end of
> > compilation I get the following errors:
> >
> > /home/mlake/pango-1.5.1/pango/.libs/ undefined reference to `g_type_instance_get_private'
> > /home/mlake/pango-1.5.1/pango/.libs/ undefined reference to `g_type_class_add_private'
> > /home/mlake/pango-1.5.1/pango/.libs/ undefined reference to `g_unichar_get_mirror_char'

> These are GLib-2.4 things.  You need GLib-2.4.  I'm sure
> Pango README mentions this dependency.

I successfully installed GLib-2.5 and I'm getting the same errors when
trying to install pango 1.5.1.  The GLib version doesn't have to be
exactly 2.4, does it?

What else could be causing the errors?

Marshall Lake -- mlake mlake net --

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