Re: How would I use casting ?

I asked just you because, you have said following method is not best way but neither told why nor suggested best way. And obviously such statement would make anybody confused.
So I thought I would better clear the conversion of GdkWindow to GtkWidget and vice versa which was my basic question.
And I am reading docs, tutorials and examples and I thing anybody gets queries while learning anything right ? And while learning anything if anybody confuses you then better way is solve the confusion from the creater.

> GtkWidget *gtk_win;
> GdkWindow *gdk_win;
> gtk_win = gtk_window_new (...);
> gtk_widget_realize (gtk_win); /* to create GDk ressources for gtk_win, in
> particular gtk_win->window */
> gdk_win = gtk_win->window; /* to get the gdk window */

Whenever you need to call gtk_widget_realize() you are most probably
doing something wrong. Well, not necessarily wrong, but certainly not
the best way. In this particular example it is not necessary to access
the GDK window since there is gtk_window_maximize() which will take
care of doing the right thing.

Thanks and regards,
Dipak G Patil.

Sven Neumann <sven gimp org>
Sent by: Sven Neumann <neo bender convergence de>

07/14/2004 04:58 PM

Dipak G Patil/India/IBM IBMIN
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Re: How would I use casting ?


could you please start reading the docs and the tutorial as well as
the available example code. If you continue to ask here about
virtually everything, people will very soon get annoyed and you won't
get a response if you have a real question one day.


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