Looking for detailed documentation about event-handling


I'm doing an experiment adding window-manager functionality into ROX- Filer. I'm starting from the Oroborus codebase and xfwm4+metacity for reference. What I expected all along, the tricky part is joining the event-loops. First I looked at xfwm4, whose event-handling seems pretty awkward. Metacity more simple and straight-forward. Still looking at the code and the gtk-doc documentation for gtk+ I understand only half of what I'm seeing. I really need some more detailed documentation about Xevents and how they relate to gdk-events. And how gdk finally passes events to it's callbacks. E.g. why is it necessary to stack incoming events in my own ad-hoc implemented fifo-queue, which both xfwm4 and metacity seem to do. What's the background for having to complicate matters so much? I hope I'm making at least a little sense. I've only just started on this, but don't want to spend too much time on trial-and-error. Therefore I'm asking here early on.

Guido Schimmels

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