Re: gtk+-2.2.4 make fails

> Is freetype.h on the system and in the search path? The other errors are
> probably caused by the following implicit declarations.
I _knew_ I was asking for a smack in the chops with the bleeding
obvious. Thanks for wielding the cluebat :)

The final solution was to copy the whole of freetype2's include/freetype
into X11R6's include directory. Apparently linking it into
/usr/local/include just isn't good enough.

It's now complaining about conflicts between 2 versions of libexpat (it
wants, while Xft used .so.1), but I should have that fixed
with a little time and some judicious recompiling...

-- there I am at ten thousand feet with a power drill in one hand, a
takeaway menu in the other, no parachute and a _very_ suprised

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