Re: Displaying jpg and gif graphics

> Can anyone point me in the direction where I can find out how to display
> graphic in a window. I'm actually using PHP-GTK with GDK compiled in. I
> noticed that the GTK Graphic is not supported by the php-gtk, only the
> GdkPixelMap functions.

For PHP-GTK questions you should post on <php-gtk-general lists php net> 
rather than <gtk-list gnome org>

If you have compile PHP-GTK with --enable-gdkpixbuf
you can use the gdkPixbuf widget
(but notice that this one is not available if you are a windows user)

Have a look at this sample:

You can switch on the pixbuf or the pixmap functions,
yo use a pixbuf or a pixmap rendering:

function render_drawable($area) {
function handle2drawable() {


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