Please any one can help me?!

Dear All,
I am a beginner in using the GUI Toolkits. I have started with FLTK.
Later on I discovered that FLTK has a drawing problem. It is flashing when you resize the window or some objects (like scrollbar) blinks. I used some demo programs which written by Microwindows. They have the same problem. When I asked them why?, they said it is because of the way of FLTK draw/redraw.
Later on I have started to use GTK+. BUT…. It has the same problem.
I have a Celeron(R) CPU 2.GHZ, 256 RAM computer.
It is very strange … how it blinks with such a computer???? What speed should the computer have for stopping blinking?

What is wrong? .
I have Dev-cpp  with g++ compiler.
I highly appreciate any one could answer me..


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