Re: dependency hell over glib stuffs

On Wednesday 07 January 2004 20:33, busmanus wrote:
>Gene Heskett wrote:
>> I've setup an env var $PKG_CONFIG_PATH thats correct, and I reran
>Well, the details are much too complicated for me, but there's
>one thing I seem to understand, and this thing is, that it's
>a better idea to pass eg. PKG_CONFIG_PATH (or LD_LIBRARY_PATH too)
>directly on the ./configure command line, and not to "hardwire" it
>in the startup files. An example:
> ./configure
>I hope that will be of some help.

It does sound like a good idea, but that also means I'd have to 
remember it.  Setting the var and exporting it in .bashrc is a 
one-time deal.  For this often forgetfull old codger its a no brainer 

Cheers, Gene
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