Re: gtk_events_pending return value

On 2004-01-06 09:05:04, Shaun McCance wrote:
> typedef gint gboolean;
> gboolean is just a convenience type.  Nothing in that snippet of code
> forces result into being only 0 or 1.

I know that, but I traced back:

gint gtk_events_pending (void)
returns g_main_context_pending (NULL)

gboolean g_main_context_pending (GMainContext *context)
returns g_main_context_iterate (context, FALSE, FALSE, G_THREAD_SELF)

static gboolean g_main_context_iterate (GMainContext *context,
                                        gboolean      block,
                                        gboolean      dispatch,
                                        GThread      *self)
returns FALSE or g_main_context_prepare (context, &max_priority)

gboolean g_main_context_prepare (GMainContext *context,
                                 gint         *priority)
returns FALSE or (n_ready > 0)

In addition the API documentation says:
"Returns :  TRUE if any events are pending, FALSE otherwise."

Johannes Wei▀l

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