Re: someone please answer, clearing text in a GtkTextView!

* Roger Leigh (roger whinlatter uklinux net) wrote:
> "Carl B. Constantine" <duckwing duckwing ca> writes:
> > I have a GtkTextView in a window used for data entry into a database.
> > The text typed in the view gets put in the database no problem, but once
> > the data entry has occurred, I want to clear the view so that the next
> > screen of data can be input.
> Do you want to clear the *view* (the GtkTextView) or the *model* (the
> GtkTextBuffer)?
> If the former, you want to remove the TextBuffer and replace it with a
> new one.
> If the latter, you just need to clear the buffer.  Try something like:

> GtkTextIter start, end;
> gtk_text_buffer_get_start_iter(textbuffer, &start);
> gtk_text_buffer_get_end_iter(textbuffer, &end);
> gtk_textbuffer_delete(textbuffer, &start, &end);

I did that and it crashed. The answer, thanks to a couple other posters
was to set the text buffer to null:

gtk_text_buffer_set_text(textbuffer, "\0", -1);

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