Re: How do people make the semi-transparent windows?

 --- Michael Torrie <torriem chem byu edu> wrote: > On Sun, 2004-02-22
at 14:08, Jack Chen wrote:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > Can anyone tell me how people make those windows semi-transparent?
> Is
> > it done in gtk or in the specific window manager?
> Until the compositing extensions are defined and available in X11,
> there
> is no real way to make windows semi-transparent.  
> The semi-transparent windows and effects you have seen under X11 to
> this
> date (on XFree86 anyway) are horrible hacks that look bad and don't
> work
> well.  Essentially what you would do is take a picture of what's
> underneath your window, and then make your window have the same
> picture,
> only blended with your window's contents.  As you can see this is a
> terrible way to do transparency as it cannot reflect any animation or
> things underneath your window.  In many cases, all you get is a
> semitransparent view of the root window.
> See to see how the new true transparency
> technologies are coming along.  What's being developed are mechanism
> for
> doing true transparency (that can be controlled at the widget or
> window
> manager level) and allows all sorts of OS X -style effects to happen.
> Michael

Thank you. I will check it out. But do you already know a way to do it
with gtk? I just want the popup menu to be transparent, and my
application won't have animation while the menu is popped up.



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