Re: HI

On Monday 23 February 2004 15:35, Zbigniew Wasik wrote:
> Question:
> 	Let say I have window with drawingarea and status bar.
>       How to make callback for "configure_event" that I will get
>       always rectangular drawingarea - doesn't matter how user resize
> (of course choosing smaller value of width and hight of re-sizable
> window).
> 	I try with *_set_usize(), *_set_default_size(), *_resize()
>   but it doesnt work well, or the window shrinks to very small window -
> due to created new "configure_events"  (especially in case of *_resize()
> ) :)))))
> So any idea how to solve it - how to let users to resize but having all
> the time rectangular drawingarea??

Can you use a GtkAspectFrame to constrain your drawing area to your desired 
aspect ratio?

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