Re: gtk+ crashes my X window system?!?!?

On Tue, 2004-02-10 at 09:20, francex tiscali it wrote:
> Hi,
> in my application, when i choose an option on mený, a new window is open
> (in modal mode). From this window i can open another window (modal mode
> again). Last window allocates a variable numbers (arrays of pointers in
> glib) of structs (10 strings for struct). I close this window, his parent
> window and so I return in main window. When i press any button or menu in
> this window, application crashes... with a mysterious segmentation fault...
> I have started prog again with gdb, and after seg fault i launch 'backtrace'
> gdb command. GDB returns seg fault in mallopt(..) and suddenly my X window
> system crashes!
> Is it a GTK+ bug?
> I cannot get other infos about this problem (cause crash) and so it's very
> hard for me find a solution... Can you help me?

There's no way GTK+ can crash X unless X is buggy; the X server process
runs as root and checks all input from clients.

One possibility is that your program is running the system out of
memory and that is causing the X server to be killed.


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