Re: Why gtk+ application are so slow

Hello folks,

I can't resist commenting about the oh-so-popular-with-gtk "give me
some numbers" comentary. Every once in a while there's somebody saying
GTK is slow, and there's another someone asking for numbers... i think
we should try to figure a pattern here. If 1 person was saying GTK is
slow, that would be fine. But it's not 1 person... lots of people have
that same opinion.

But we don't have to compare it with Windows. Let's compare it with
KDE. Let's take, for example, a very simple application, such as
Gedit. Forget huge applications such as Mozilla, let's just focus on a
simple one.

Now, boot your machine on KDE, and fire up Kedit. Then reboot on GTK,
and fire up Gedit. Unless you've got very modern, you will see Kedit
fires up much much faster than Gedit.

Depending on the hardware you're using, even simpler apps, such as
gnome-calculator, are slow to startup.

Just my 2 cents,

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