Sizing Combo Box

I am using GTK-2.0 on Fedora 1.

How can one set the size of a Combo Box? For example, set the size of
the CB to be 10 characters wide.

To answer an obvious question, I have two Fedora platforms and an XP
platform connected through a KVM switch. Under previous RH distributions
and FC1, identifying the mouse as a two button PS/2 mouse works just
fine. This was one of several factors that made me go RH rather than
other linux distributions.

Somebody broke a fixed driver under FC2 and now the mouse goes insane,
as it does under other distributions I have tried, when switching
between platforms forcing me to reboot.

Therefore, I cannot at this time upgrade to FC2 to get the benefit of
the latest GTK+2.4.4, etc releases.

I'm not trying to be a wise acre. Naturally, without this information,
many of you would suggest I upgrade to FC2. I wish I could.

Thanks for your assistance,

Bobby King <bking321 charter net>

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