Re: Pango 1.2.0 and Xft back end

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Subject: Re: Pango 1.2.0 and Xft back end
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 23:01:18 +0200
From: busmanus <busmanus lk freemail hu>
To: Chris Bruyere <ccmbruyere yahoo ca>
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Chris Bruyere wrote:

Hi All. This is my first email to this list. So if I
make some kind of error or mistake, please forgive.

I'm trying to install wxWidgets. So I have downloaded
gtk 2.4, glib 2.4, atk 1.6, pango 1.4.0.

glib, atk, pango, installed ok. With I run the
gtk+2.4.0 configure script, this is what I get:
configure:error: Pango 1.2.0 and Xft backend is
requried of x11 target.

What does that mean?

Pango has different alternatives for making use of fonts,
and if it does not find the dependencies for the "backend"
of one of these alternatives, then it may simply not
compile it, while all the other components of the program
install fine. It may be, that this is what's happened in
your case. Search for a program called fontconfig in your
system, or ask someone more knowledgeable if it should be
in Mandrake 9.0. Xft2, required to build the Xft backend of
Pango, depends on it.
    With some older X servers (like mine) xrender and render
may also be required to compile and install fontconfig and
Xft2. This is most probably not your case, but anyway, all
four can be found somewhere on, but I don't
remember the exact address.

Good Luck


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