Re: Can't Install Pango 1.2.5 on MacOS X


JS <oghistorian yahoo com> writes:

> I and a friend of mine have been trying to get the
> GIMP running on MacOS 10.2.6 without getting MACgimp. 
> So we have gotten all the necessary software (X11 and
> Apple Developer Tools) to start working on the
> installation.  On the first try to compile GIMP, we,
> of course, ran into the dependencies needed by GIMP. 
> We then started downloading and installing them
> (PKGconfig, Gettext, Libiconv, Glib, and GTK).  But,
> once we got to GTK, we noticed that it needed its own
> dependencies.  We then worked on getting ATK to
> compile and install, which wasn't easy, and Pango
> 1.2.5, which we can't seem to get to compile.

You need also fontconfig >= 2.2.0, available from


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