Re: [TextView issues]

"Andrew E. Makeev" <andrew solvo ru> wrote:
> First of all,
> sorry, I've not submitted it on bugzilla. I found those issues in our 
> Application and had no time to check if it is GTKMM or GTK issue.
> The problems for widget packed into TextView are:
> 1. Button label is not shown when 've been chaned with same size text.

I have simplified your example (attached) to a simple button in a textview in
a window. The problem can be seen by clicking on the button twice - the
button's label text vanishes but reappears when the window is resized.

I suspect that it is a GTK+ GtkTreeView bug. You would need to reimplement
this in GTK+ and C to confirm that. 

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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