Re: Stock item request

>To add to the list of wanted/useful stock items, I have at one point or
>another been missing the following stock buttons:

>Browse...   (Like browse for a file or directory)
>Default     (Like reset to default values)
>Search...   (OK, Find is there, but Search often means something

It would be nice to have those too indeed. An item for changing the
could have the appearance of "gtk-open" but with a closed folder.

>- The "Revert" image shows a diskette, which associates this action to
>something that's got to do with files, which is not necessarily the case.

Could be a different item, "gtk-revert" instead of "gtk-revert-to-saved".
I could use that too.

I tried to use the "gtk-dialog-info" image, but there is no size for
menu item alas. Can be used for "Tip...".


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