Re: why is gtk install so difficult?


Chad A Daelhousen <cd9 cse Buffalo EDU> writes:

> Oh, I misunderstood the problem. /usr/bin/pkg-config is _still there_,
> oblivious to /usr/local/*, and run by default because it's earlier in
> $PATH.
> In that case, is there any situation in which /usr/bin/pkg-config should
> NOT look in /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig? Havoc, as maintainer, what are
> your thoughts? Should this be changed?

Yes, pkg-config should never look into any other prefix than the one
it was installed to. Unless of course you tell it so by setting your
PKG_CONFIG_PATH. Please check the xdg-list archives. This has been
discussed there in full length (the thread starts with


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