Re: gdk_draw_string deprecated?

On Tue, 2003-10-14 at 13:39, Andrej Prsa wrote:
> Hi!
> > > Could anyone tell me what to use if gdk_draw_string and 
> > > gdk_draw_text are deprecated? I want to put labels to my 
> > > graph on a drawable?
> > 
> > PangoLayout, I think. There is some information here:
> >
> Thanks; I'm trying to make a transition and the following bugs me already:
> 	PangoContext *context = pango_context_new ();
> This line gives me the warning:
> 	initialization makes pointer from integer without a cast

This says the compiler has generated a default signature for the
pango_context_new function which returns an int because it did not find
the function declaration. Looking a the pango/pango-context.h header
shows the function declaration is enclosed in #ifdef/#endif which are
true only if you build a pango module which is not what you want to do

pango_context_new is a private function used only by subclasses of
PangoContext. Instead, you want to instantiate a subclass for your

I am not sure what you are trying to do but you can get the platform's
default context object for a given layout with pango_layout_get_context.

Mathieu Lacage <mathieu gnu org>

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