problem in running gtk+2.2.4 applns for frame buffer

Hi ,
I am having problem in running any gtk+2.2.4 related application programs 
which are frame buffer enabled.

Currently i am working with RedHat linux 7.2, linux-2.4.7-10.
I have installed gtk+2.2.4, with all it's necessary dependencies comprising 
pkg-config-0.14.0, glib-2.2.3, atk-1.2.4, fontconfig-2.2.92, freetype-2.0.9,
pango 1.2.5.

All though the installation with all the dependencies & necessary packages 
went on fine, whenever i try to run even a simple demp helloworld program,
i get segmentation fault without being able to figure out where the bug lies.

I have set my PKG_CONFIG_PATH & LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variables and i 
have even declared them as global shell variables. I have even executed 
/sbin/ldconfig & added "/usr/local/lib" as part of " " file in 

I had tried my bit even with DIrectfb, but after successful installation, the 
same problem i used to face. To tell you i have gtk+ for FRAME BUFFER & not 
for X-Server. My kernel is suitably configured & is working fine after 
enabling it with Frame buffer. As such i dont think there is any problem with 
the kernel configuration.

Any help /guidences are appreciated from the mailing list members.
Thank you,

Prodigy Labs (P) Ltd.,
Bangalore, INDIA
Ph: 3598938

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