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Alle 17:59, venerd́ 7 novembre 2003, SMS WebMaster ha scritto:
> Why There is too many program created with QT  (More than GTK programs) ?


> What is the different between GTK and QT ? is there any website talk
> about that ?

Both and have sections regarding this topic.

Anyway, the main differences are:
- Qt is C++ based but it uses C++ in its own way because of its cross-platform 
nature (through a special preprocessor)
- GTK is C based but it uses its own "object oriented" approach.
- Qt can rely on QtDesigner and KDevelop that, together, make up a real IDE 
(similar to Visual Studio)
- GTK must rely on Glade only, that is a GUI builder equivalent to QtDesigner. 
There is nothing like KDevelop for GTK (AFAIK).
- Qt runs (with recompilation) on Linux/Unix, MacOS X and Windows (all 
- GTK runs on Linux. There is a porting of the old GTK1.2 for Windows. A 
Porting for Mac OS X is under development (AFAIK)
- Qt has internal support for scripting (QAS)
- Should you need to add scripting capabilities to a GTK application, you have 
to embed your own engine (Python, LUA...)
- Qt has integrated data-aware widget for data-centric applications.
- GTK has a separate project (gnome-db) for data-aware widgtes
- Qt-based applications and the KDE desktop "talks" each other via DCOP
- GTK applications and Gnome "talks" each other via CORBA
- Qt has exhaustive bindings for Python and a few other language (maybe Perl 
and Scheme)
- GTK has exhaustive bindings for C++ (GTKmm), Python (PyGTK) and Ruby. There 
are less complete bindings for Perl, Scheme, Lua and so on. Have a look at for a complete listing of the available bindings and their 
development status.
- Qt has exhaustive documentation and a lot of examples form Trolltech and the 
KDE team
- GTK has exhaustive documentation and a lot of examples from GTK team
- Qt is freeware on Linux only
- GTK is always freeware (but it is not completely available on Windows and 
MacOS X)

Should you need to develop x-platform applications, have a look at wxWindows 
(and wxPython) as well. The Linux implementation of wxWindows relies on GTK+ 
but wxWindows can run on Windows (all versions) as well, thanks to MFC, and 
on MacOS (all versions), thanks to a specific GUI engine.


Alessandro Bottoni
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