Announce :VDK 2.0.3 and VDKBuilder 2.0.5 released

VDK team is pleased to announce that newest releases of VDK and VDKBuilder are available at:

These are upgrade releases to newest Linux Distro: Mandrake 9.1 and Redhat 9

* What's new on vdk 2.0.3
- some minor bug fixes and enhancements
- some new widgets
- API unchanged

* What's new on vdkbuilder 2.0.5
- some minor bug fixes

VDKBuilder is a Rapid Application Development tool based on VDK - "The Visual Development Kit", a C++ framework that wraps famous Gtk+ widget set library. VDKBuilder is a tool that helps programmers in constructing GUI interfaces, editing, compiling, linking, and debugging within an integrated environment. Using VDKBuilder dramatically reduces developing time since all code related to GUI construction and signal processing is automatically generated, maintained and updated. VDKBuilder requires VDK and glib/gtk+ to have been installed. Both libraries are LGPL'ed
VKBuilder is licensed under GPL.

have fun

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