Re: cannot create a long tree

On Wednesday 14 May 2003 11:24, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> wicks <ecos navosha com> writes:
> > I believe that that the pixmaps used for the expansion/collapse are
> > actually defined by the theme - at least by default.  You can
> > specify the pixmaps with GTK 1.3 (? the old GTK, I think it's 1.3)
> gtk+-1.3 is the development version of gtk+ that lead to the stable
> 2.0 release. You should under no circumstances use that nowadays.
> The 'old gtk+' you were probably be refering to is version 1.2.

Hey - why don't you answer the guy's question BTW - how DO you get + and - 
instead of the arrows for the tree?

> > I just don't bother to use 2.0 yet.  Deprecated smepricated.  As you
> > are well aware, the documentation is lacking and it's a total pain
> > in the ass to find any documentation.
> This is FUD. I actually consider the documentation for 2.x a lot
> better than the docs for 1.2.

The hell it is.  The fact you haven't answered his question is evidence of 
that.  It's very difficult to get started with GTK - anybody that codes for 
GTK is fully 100% aware of this.  I like GTK, but it was a fight tooth and 
nail to get good enough to make decent code with it, NOT because it's a bad 
API, but there aren't many good books on the subject that *I* could find, and 
I looked very hard.

I used to use glade to generate code, and then took that apart to figure out 
what was being done.  Glade wasn't 100% accurate, it took me forever to 
figure out how to get the columns to work for sorting.  I downloaded TEG, and 
GAIM and went through their code.  The API reference is useful, once you know 
how it works on

There is not much code for 2.0 yet.  This, like it or not, is just a plain 

> At least the API reference has improved
> a lot.

Probably.  I'm only concerned with making something that can be used.

> There are also some nice code examples in the gtk+-2.x source
> tree (in the demos directory).

Probably.  I know 1.3x better though.

> The tutorial could need some work but
> instead of complaining, you could volunteer to help improving it.

Am I complaining?  No - I'm simply stating a fact.  There is much more code 
and documentation available for older and obsolete versions of GTK.  Although 
I appreciate that GTK is free and everything I have to feed myself.  I am not 
in college, I live in Silicon Valley where a house goes for a minimum of 
$500,000 and rent for a studio apartment is at minimum $900/month.

I'm also busy with eCos at the moment.  I'm only interested in a final 
product.  The only reason I'm using GTK over KDE is because the environment 
for Windows seems to be better than KDE.  I am not religious about my use of 

> Sven

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