Re: gtkFB performance

Well, I compiled the geode specific framebuffer drivers. While there was
a tiny noticeable speed improvement in redrawing, it is still much too
slow. Any other ideas? What sort of linux OS environment related things
could cause poor performance.


On Fri, 2003-06-20 at 11:20, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> Peter Gasper <pgasper designadvantage com> writes:
> > I have a simple GUI app (gtkmm) running on gtkFB. The framebuffer
> > driver being used is the kernel's vesa driver. It runs, but screen
> > redraws (for example resizing of panes) are very slow and cause the
> > mouse to pause till its done redrawing. I can see several causes of
> > this: 266 processor (shouldn't be an issue though) using the vesa fb
> > driver rather than the one specifically for the geode (our
> > processor) that its unaccelerated (fix by using DirectFB?)  others?
> There was support added for the NSC GX1/GX2 cards to DirectFB
> recently. That might be the chip you are using. So you could try
> GTK+-DirectFB. This would also fix the blocking mouse since it uses
> threads for input devices.
> Sven
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