Re: deactivating close button of a gtk+ window / dialog

I want to desensitize it only for a small duration (while some critical
task is being done, so that user can't close it). I thought of using
gdk_window_set_decorations() and remove the close button for that duration
and then bring it back using the same function. But the problem was that
the close button doesn't become visible again until you click on the
window (i.e. it doesnt refreshes the window properly).
But actually what I want is to desensitize the button for the duration. I
think that will look more elegant and professional.


On Thu, 24 Jul 2003, Preben Randhol wrote:

> Bharat Bhushan <bharat CS Arizona EDU> wrote on 24/07/2003 (17:16) :
> > I believe gdk_window_set_decorations() can be used to add / remove a
> > particular decoration (like, minize button, move option, etc.). I am
> > looking for something which desensitizes the close button of a gtk
> > window/dialog. I don't even know if it's possible or not.
> Why do you want to desensitizes it? It is better to remove it if the
> user should not use it.
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