printing in php-gtk and php-gtk 2


Well, in my last message here I`ve already mentioned how
new I am to php gtk. And since I can only get my hands
on it on spare time, I haven`t been able to explore it
really well.

And since I haven`t so far seen any note on the php
manual about printing with php gtk, I was wondering if
is it possible at all or does it have it`s complications
to do it?

Also, I was wondering about some people mentions php-gtk
2.0. But since I haven`t seen it on php gtk main page I
was wondering if is it already out or not, if it is too
different from the 0.52 version I just downloaded from
the official site and its advantages.

Somethings I have been having problems understanding is
gtks use of relative positioning instead of absolute
ones, the difficulties to specify and lock the sizes of
certain widgets, the use of images on the applications
(like iconized buttons like in winzip or iexplorer
itself) as well as how (or if) we can control the aspect
of some widgets (for example, making flat buttons,
instead of embossed ones; altering the scroll bar etc).
And since the manual, unfortunatelly lacks a lot of more
in-depth information on many widgets, I couldn`t find
the answer so far.

If anyone could help me with these subjects I would very
much appreciate it.


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