Help for possible botched GTK2 install?

Hello --

I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask this question.

I'm very new with GTK2 (I'm a user, not a coder) and I'm trying to figure out 
what I have done wrong in my install. I installed GTK2 and dependencies from 
tarballs as specified on the install page. When running a program, I get the 
following segfault:

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
g_type_check_instance_cast (type_instance=0x20323030, iface_type=269431656) at 
2771          if (type_instance->g_class)
(gdb) bt
#0  g_type_check_instance_cast (type_instance=0x20323030, 
iface_type=269431656) at gtype.c:2771
#1  0x0fb4eed4 in g_type_check_instance_cast (type_instance=0x100f4990, 
iface_type=268763136) at gtype.c:2768
#2  0x0f6e8f0c in __libc_start_main () from /lib/

Being a simpleton, I can't tell if the program is botched or if I have a 
problem with my setup -- I'm using PPC Mandrake 9.1 which seems to have some 
GTK2 "issues." Before installing from tarballs, I removed all RPMs that I 
could find that related to GTK2.

Thank you, and again -- my apologies if my message is burdensome.

Bob in Seattle

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