Re: Re[2]: Better accelerator keys support

On Thu, 2003-07-03 at 09:11, edscott wilson garcia wrote:
> El jue, 03-07-2003 a las 05:13, Martin Stubenschrott escribió:
> > Well, if the widget has the focus, then the space bar is natural.
> > Sorry, I think I didn't specify this clearly enough. I mean, when the
> > focus is on one button I can activate any other button with the
> > Alt-key support. Space bar only works if the widget has the focus, and
> > switching to one control out of dozens can be very time consuming.
> > 
> > What I meant, was that e.g. if the focus is on the button "&Sample
> > button" I could activate the button "&Another button" by just pressing
> > 'A' instead of Alt-'A'. (On american keyboard this is not so annoying
> > since you have a second Alt-button right to the space bar, but on a
> > german keyboard layout, I don't have this second Alt button, which
> > means that I often need both hands to activate a shortcut).
> The American keyboard has the same issue because the right-alt-key does
> not generate the same modifier as the left. 

Most American keyboard layouts do have the same *modifier* for 
both alt keys. (Different key symbols, but that doesn't matter.)

> > This really made me wondering when I tried to switch to Linux since I
> > am a keyboard guy, and I always thougth linux was much better than
> > windows in this area, but actually I found out that Windows keyboard
> > accessibility support is even better than Linux's.
> It's not windows, but the window's application you are talking about,
> just as linux is far removed from a gtk application. 
> To get the thing you want bind the keypressed signal to all the buttons
> where you want the behaviour described and write a small callback that
> will generate a buttonclick signal depending on which letter was typed.
> This here is an example where a keypress signal will do the effect of
> pressing a button (without an accelerator being defined):
> static gboolean treeview_key(GtkWidget *w,
> 		GdkEventKey *event,gpointer data){
> 	switch (event->keyval){
> 		case GDK_Print:
> 			tb_print((GtkButton *)w,NULL);
> 			return TRUE;
> 		case GDK_Execute:
> 			on_run_activate((GtkMenuItem *)w, NULL);
> 			return TRUE;
> }

Some discussion of a clean solution, and in fact, a patch is in:


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