Re: Problems with fast timeouts

> > [ i am assuming that you are working on linux, which might be a big
> >   assumption. if not, then ignore all that i write here. ]
> >
> > you're using a multitasking, multiuser operating system with a
> > scheduling granularity of 10ms. the kernel will to honor the 5ms
> > request but will fail to provide it because it only inspects the timer
> > queues 100 times a second. unless you build/use a kernel with HZ=1000,
> > and/or use real-time scheduling, nothing can get you timing intervals
> > of less than 10ms under linux. your 20ms timing interval is probably a
> > reflection of average times.
> >
> > --p
> Even if you are using windows, you have a multitasking operating system
> with a 
> special interrupt every 10ms that selects the next thread.
> Karsten

I am poting my application from Windows MFC (where is does happily 5ms timeouts) to Linux. I would rather have my application to run on a standard kernel, so what's the solution? Where do I learn about realtime scheduling?


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