Re: Automated regression testing of GUIs written with gtk+

Thanks for pointing me to gnome-test-tool - it has taken me to now to build it, because I had to upgrade to gtk-2.0 ... It built ok except for cc1: unrecognized option `-fnonnull-objects' which gcc 3.2 doesn't like (I left it out). HOWEVER, when I try to use it the application complains it can't find and indeed no such thing has been built. Do I need to do something to get it to build shareable libraries?
Again many thanks,

Richard Shann

Soeren Sandmann wrote:

Richard Shann <richard shann virgin net> writes:

2) can I get rid of my small lead weight? That is, would something
like gtk_main_do_event() or XSendEvent() enable  me to truly automate
the tests?

Take a look at the gnome-test-tool, which you can check out of the
gnome cvs.
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