Re: Problem while using framebuffer... Help


"Binoj VB" <binoj vb powerquest com> writes:

> I am new to Linux GUI programming (also Linux) and I have a requirement
> where I should use frame buffer in-order to bye-pass the Xserver.
> Currently I am using RH 8, and I am confused with the GTK versions that
> I need to select in-order to get the display. Also another requirement
> is I should use only GTK ***
> I need to know whether I should use the combination of GTK and DirectFB
> or only GTK+-2.2.0. or any thing else? 

GTK+-DirectFB is only yet available as version 2.0.9. I'm working on
the port to 2.2 and actually I promised to have it completed by now
but work got in the way and so it's still only GTK+-2.0.

> Now I installed RH 8 on another machine and downloaded GTK+ on DirectFB
> with great expectation. 
> Configure -enable-debug=no -with-gtktarget=Linux-fb -disable-shadowfb
> -disable-module -with-included-loaders=xpm,png,jpeg

you obviously configured for the linux-fb backend, not for DirectFB.
But wait, did you really use that configure line? It doesn't look as
if it could have worked at all. Perhaps you check what options you
really used by looking at config.log.

> After all these steps I am able to start the GUI, but the mouse and key
> board was not detecting. 
> I configured the options GTK_MOUSE_TYPE=ps2 ; GTK_KEYBOARD_TYPE=raw

sorry, since these are not used by GTK+-DirectFB, I won't be able to
help you with these options.

Salut, Sven

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