Re: From GTK+-1.2 to GTK+-2.2 questions

On Tue, 2003-08-26 at 07:16, Mirko wrote:
> I was updating my old GTK version, 1.2, to the newest one 2.2, but the 
> dubts rises after I 've installed all dependencies and GTK itself. The 
> old one version was installed in /usr, the 2.2 version in /usr/local. It 
> 's ok or I must change installation path? The old version must be 
> deleted? What about programs like Mozilla who requires some libraries 
> from old version 1.2? In the home-page of GTK it says that  GTK+-1.2  
> and  2.2  can be keep both installed on the system, how? Thanks.

They don't clash and don't even need to be installed into the same
directory.  Programs that use gtk 1.2 will continue to do so.  while
programs that use gtk2 will use that library.  When you compile a gtk2
program, thanks to the magic of pkg-config, the configure script should
be able to find the gtk2 libraries (if not, set the env variable
PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig or where ever).

Personally, I install gtk2 libraries from my distribution packager
(redhat) and they install to /usr.  



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