Re: GTK and menu bars question

I feared that would be the case, seeing as how it
would require a menu server of sorts. But based on the
architecture i wasn't sure if it is possible to add
some sort of hook inbetween the menu display process
that reroutes it to a shared menubar process.

I do a lot of work with usability, and the shared
menubar is far more usable in terms of accessability,
ease of use, and speed (even for power users).  It's
really the only reason i use KDE/Qt apps.  However
dispite that, I love the GTK widgets and themes more
-- it is a much much cleaner interface without the
liscensing entrenchments of Qt.

Oh well I can always dream.  Maybe I can tack the
shared gtk menubar onto my list, with a native mac
port of gtk high up on it too :)

--- Michael Torrie <torriem chem byu edu> wrote:
> On Sat, 2003-08-23 at 15:22, Tristan O'Tierney
> wrote:
> > In KDE, you can turn on an option to use "mac
> like"
> > menu bars, where the menus appear at the top of
> the
> > screen instead of on each individual app.
> > 
> > Would such a thing be possible in GTK if support
> in
> > the respective desktop environments was added
> (Gnome
> > for example)?  Or is this not possible due to the
> > design of gtk?
> Currently I don't believe that this is possible, due
> to the architecture
> of GTK.  But I hope it's something that is
> considered soon.  I actually
> kind of like that capability that MacOS has always
> had.  I can think of
> a number of reasons why this won't happen, though. 
> One is that you'd
> have to either have a menu server process, or some
> way to write to a
> GdkWindow that belongs to another process.  Sounds
> kind of messy.  But
> again, I would like to see it.  Perhaps EggMenubar
> or some other
> extension library might be able to offer this
> functionality.
> Michael
> > 
> > In reguards to versions, i'm speaking of gtk2
> since
> > gtk1 has long since been dead to me.
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