Re: upgrade to gtk 2.2.2 question

On Wed, 2003-08-13 at 16:48, Markus Jais wrote:
> hello
> I have already installed gtk 2.0 and older versions of atk, glib and
> pango
> now I want to upgrade to gtk 2.2.2
> do I have to uninstall the older versions first ??
> how can I do this ??
> they are no rpms and a 
> $ make uninstall
> is not possible because of missing directories where gtk2.0 was
> compiled.
> do I just have to remove everything by hand from the
> /usr/local/lib 
> directory ?
> any hints welcome

There were several relevant mails on this topic in the last week;
check the archives. Generally, if you are replacing an existing
install *in the same location*, you can just write over the top 
of it. If you are installing in a different location, you need
to remove all traces of the old install.


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