Re: Order of widgets when displayed on top of each other

> >  We are displaying widgets (containing GL windows) on "top" of each
> >other in our application.  We can drag the widgets around on a
> >"canvas".  Needless to say, when one widget is dragged over another,
> >it obscures the former widget.  It appears that the widgets are
> >rendered in the order that they are created/mapped.  My question is,
> >how can I change this order?  Ie, I would like to be able to toggle
> >which widget is on top.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> use the GnomeCanvas, which has z-order stacking. its not so cool for
> widgets as it it for native canvas items, but it will work.

My understanding is that this would require us to be dependent on yet
another library (libgnome? or some such) and to learn another API.
Does the Gnome lib provide us with more then this ability; is it worth
using for other things (ie: what does it do for us over and beyond
direct GTK)?  Is the lack of z-order stacking for GTK widgets a bug,
or a known issue, or something that the only fix is to use the Gnome
canvas?  I assume that implementor of the Gnome canvas somehow "worked
around" the GTK problem.  Is it possible for us to use this same work
around to reorder widgets (without using libGnome)?

Thank you for the suggestion and any other information you can
provide.  I will discuss it with our development team.

     - Dave

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