RE: copy text the to the clipboard

It depends on the widget.  For simple text, gtk_editable_copy_clipboard()
might be what you need. Or there's something similar for GtkTextView.

For custom data you'll need to understand the concepts. Here are some C++

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net 

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> Subject: copy text the to the clipboard
> Hey everyone,
> I am stuck here, i am trying to have a simple button that 
> once clicked 
> copies whatever text is selected on the window. I have 
> everything done such 
> as the button and whatnot but I am stuck trying to create a 
> way to copy data 
> to the clipboard. I have read the gtk documentation on this 
> but it was a 
> little vague or at least over my  head. Can anyone give me a 
> quick example 
> of how this is performed?
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