Re: installing GTK in cygwin

Tuesday, September 17, 2002, 6:39:54 AM, you wrote:
> This may seem like a basic question, but i am at my wits end trying
> to install GTK+ in the cygwin environment. I had used GTK under
> linux but have changed over to cygwin. I can install pkg-config and
> configure glib but can not MAKE glib. Multiple errors in the make
> file in the gobject directory. Just needed to check - is installing
> the latest glib-2.0.6 under the cygwin environment feasible or are
> special patches needed?
Yes, patches are needed. I changed something and compiled it.
But my compiled library is too big! glib.dll's size is ~2Mb, while in
Tor Lillqvist's distribution it is 500Kb. Now I'm tring to find why this
is so.

Alexander Chemeris

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