Gtk--: Error in creating Gnome::CanvasLine iterm in Gnome::Canvas

Run time err. How to create Gnome::CanvasLine Object?
I want to draw a line in a Gnome::Canvas. Here is my code ...

Gnome::CanvasPoints points(2);

but the run time error message is:

 Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtkobject.c: line 939 (gtk_object_add_arg_type):
 assertion `arg_type > GTK_TYPE_NONE' failed.

 GnomeUI-WARNING **: gnome_canvas_item_set(): could not find argument
 "points" in the `Gnome__CanvasLine' class ancestry

 What's the problem and how to create Gnome::CanvasLine in gnome--1.2?

 Please tell me ASAP. Thanks!!!

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