Re: gtk_image_get_pixel

clock atrey karlin mff cuni cz wrote:

gdk_image_get_pixel has not documented if the caller is permitted to
input pixels out of the range of the image.
gdk_image_put_pixel has undocumented the same.

Both will segfault with X library, cause it doesn't check coords.
So will be with linux-fb, cause gdk code doesn't check coords (isn't this a bug ?).
In Win32 code has checking, so it'll safe return with no warnings
in case you get out of image (this's probably the weird situation,
cause you will not know if you'll fail).
Hmm, win32 code looks very very very very *BAD*.

GtkSpinButton has undocumented which signals it generates. I had to try
various word in gtk_signal_connect until I stroke "changed" which is
what I want.

It has "input", "output", "value_changed", "change_value" signals. It's easy to
look inside "gtkspinbutton.c".


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