Re: new mailing list for GLib requested

Lars Clausen wrote:
On Fri, 6 Sep 2002, Kang Jeong-Hee wrote:


Differently from older version of GTK+,
GTK+ 2 has powerful fundamentality of library: GLib, GObject.
They are standalone library as well as a basement of GDK and GTK.

and this gtk-(*-)list flood with GDK, GTK-level issues.

On a related issue, I wonder why there aren't any gtk-related newsgroups.
There's a kde newsgroup (  Usenet is much better at
handling this kind of volume, plus it is better indexed by google.  Surely
GTK is widespread enough that it warrants a newsgroup.

I think a Glib/Gobject mailing list is a great idea, as I like many
others use Glib on projects with no GUI and hence no GTK+ dependency.
The string type alone is a godsend - much more efficient than my
hand rolled one.

Newsgroups on the other hand, are probably not so good an idea. They
are much more prone to spam, unless moderated, and many companies
(including mine) limit access to news servers and websites that
index them. Comparing the NetBSD mailing lists and newsgroups, the
quality of posts and ability to have many specific mailing lists
make them much more useful than the newsgroups.

Just my tuppence, anyway.

chris wareham iosystems co uk (work)
cwareham btinternet com (home)

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