Re: Can I have multiply copy of gtk-2.0 with different gdktargets installed within my system?

I noticed that the immodules are linked to libgtk and libgdk with specific backend. I wonder if immodules linked to libgtk-x11 and libgdk-x11 can be used with libgtk-directfb, libgdk-directfb? If it can't, how can I make the two set of immodules coexist in the same installation prefix?

James Su

Sven Neumann wrote:


James Su <suzhe gnuchina org> writes:

And even more, can I have an application switches between gtk2-x11 and
gtk2-directfb without recompile? Is there any way to achieve this kind
of dynamic link?

as far as I know this unfortunately doesn't work.

Salut, Sven
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