Re: Change Font of GtkClist title

Thanks to all for your cooperation.
I got the solution for this question, i guess it is little bit tricky.
So i am writing the code that is needed for chaging title of GtkClist.
Since GtkClist contains widget as a title so you have to change in style
of GtkWidget that you get from function gtk_clist_get_column_widget()
so whole code is here.
GtkWidget *title,clist;

title = gtk_clist_get_column_widget(GTK_CLIST(clist),0);

style = gtk_style_copy( gtk_widget_get_style( (GTK_BIN(title)->child) ) );
style->font = font_load;
gtk_widget_set_style( (GTK_BIN(title)->child), style ) ;


Amit Jain
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Subject: Change Font of GtkClist title

> Hi !!!
> I am using Gtk1.2. I wnat to set font for GtkClist title.
> I am doint it in this way.
> style =  gtk_widget_get_style( clist ) ;
> style->font = font_load;
> gtk_widget_set_style( clist, style ) ;
> But it is not reflecting chang on GtkClist title. 
> Please help me.
> Thanks in Advance
> Amit Jain
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