data visualization software: ggobi

Some of you might like to know about ggobi, interactive data
visualization software written in gtk.  It's designed for the
exploration of multivariate data, and its display methods include
barplots for exploring 1 variable at a time, and high-dimensional
rotation for exploring several few variables at once. The available
interactions include painting, labelling, and manual control of

Its preferred data format is in xml.  (The sample data files
included with the code may be the best way to learn the xml

It can be extended using plugins.  (I've been especially interested
lately in plugins for graph visualization, including graph layout.)

It can be driven using an API -- we've tested that the most
extensively using the R software, and we hope to make the API
available from perl or python, too.

To learn about it or try it out, see


If you build it on a unix machine using gtk1, you should have good
results.  Things will become more uncertain if you want to use the
Windows version (about six months out of date), the API, or some of
the more experimental plugins.


Deborah Swayne                      AT&T Labs - Research 
dfs research att com                Shannon Laboratory, Room B295           180 Park Avenue
973 360-8423                        Florham Park, NJ 07932-0971

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