Re: Translucency with GTK2

Sven Neumann <sven gimp org> writes:

> Hi,
> Shane Butler <shane_b users sourceforge net> writes:
> > Does GTK+ support transparency of windows etc??  I realise it can
> > support shaped windows, but I am specifically interested in setting a
> > window to be say 50% translucent.  I believe this sort of functionality
> > is provided by XRENDER.
> this functionality has been added in the DirectFB port of GTK+-2.0 but
> the GTK+ development crew decided that they don't want to integrate it
> into the official GTK+-2.0 API. Perhaps later, just keep asking for
> it...

It should be pointed out that whether or not it was added to the API,
it would not be supported under X (or Win32). RENDER doesn't actually
include this functionality ... the screen shots you have probably
seen are an early prototype Keith Packard did of a separate X


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