Changing foreground color of a drawing area


I am writing an application that creates an image characterized by several
different colors.  For this reason, I need to change the drawing (i.e.,
the foreground) color of a GtkDrawingArea many times during the life of 
the application.  I have found a way to do it but don't think it's 
particularly clean.  I have not had much luck finding documentation that
specifies a better way (that has not been deprecated).  Do any of the
experts have any suggestions?

The structure of my current code follows:

   GdkColor      mycolor         = { 0, 0xaa, 0xaa, 0xaa };
   GdkColormap   *mycolormap;
   GdkGCValues   mygcvalues;
   GdkColor      originalcolor;

   /*  Get the widget's graphic context properties and store the original
    *  foreground color.
   gdk_gc_get_values( widget->style->fg_gc[GTK_WIDGET_STATE( widget )],
   originalcolor = mygcvalues.foreground;

   /*  Get the widget's graphic context properties.  */
   mycolormap = gtk_widget_get_colormap( widget );

   /*  Allocate the color we wish to use.  */
   gdk_colormap_alloc_color( mycolormap, &mycolor, TRUE, TRUE );

   /*  Set the foreground color to the new color.  */
/*  Why doesn't this work?
   gtk_widget_modify_fg( widget, GTK_STATE_NORMAL, &mycolor );
   gdk_gc_set_foreground( widget->style->fg_gc[GTK_WIDGET_STATE( widget )],

   /*  Draw shapes in new foreground color  */

   . . .

   /*  Reset the foreground color to the new color.  */
   gdk_gc_set_foreground( widget->style->fg_gc[GTK_WIDGET_STATE( widget )],

   . . .

Also, I tried to use gtk_widget_modify_fg (above), but it didn't work.  Has
anyone else had any luck?  If so, would you attach a small piece of code?



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